Have you heard of the social media craze of lip plumping?!! This is not advisable BUT:
Lip enhancement treatment using injectable fillers can be a safe and natural way to create fullness and definition.
There is still some apprehension with the public about what fillers are actually used, as the use of permanent fillers previously has been highlighted by celebrities where unfortunately they had untoward side effects.
However, the reality is that the technology and safety of current temporary hyaluronic acid fillers has completely transformed lip treatments.
Lip filler treatments can help with smoker’s lines, lack of volume, cupids bow and lowered corners.
You can treat lips with dermal fillers to make changes to the natural size and shape of lips or restore lost volume where the ageing process has caused them to become thin with a lack of definition.
At London City Skin Clinic, lip enhancement is only performed using safe hyaluronic acid based fillers including Juvederm Smile and Belotero, thereby restoring lip fullness and definition. Lips will not only appear more attractive, they will also feel healthier, softer and more hydrated.


Treatments include lip enhancement where filler is injected to add volume to the lips or the lipline. Lip contouring with fillers helps redefine the shape of the lips by contouring the lip outline.
Lip treatments can also dramatically improve the impact of lipstick and minimise lipstick bleed which sometimes occurs at the lip border due to surrounding fine lines and wrinkles.
Lip treatments typically last approximately 6 months, sometimes longer.
London City Skin Clinic specialises in lip procedures, which start from £275. Where we differ is the quality of the service and treatment as well as aftercare, with Doctor Robby Bajaj having performed thousands of cosmetic treatments.
For more information on lip treatment using dermal fillers, or to book a free consultation to discuss how a lip filler treatment can help you restore shape, size and definition contact us on: call 020 3488 8469 or e-mail info@londoncityskinclinic.com.