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Skin health is directly linked to the function of the individual skin cells and your body’s own immune mechanisms.

Genetics, sun exposure, smoking, hormones, medications, diets, disease and use of topical skin products can all affect the quality of your skin. The success of any treatment is dependent upon regulating, stimulating and restoring proper skin cell function.

Our skin, as the largest organ, is overexposed to environmental damage, in particular sun damage. Inherent processes within our body are also attacking our skin from within. Extensive research has shown that high quality cosmeceuticals (i.e., pharmaceutical preparations married with cosmetic products) can provide significant anti-ageing benefits through their protective, corrective and preventative action. These products can be used for a variety of skin conditions and in both women and men.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A cleanser should remove impurities and make-up without damaging the skin, as well as controlling sebum production. This is important for oily skin as sebum reduces the effect of other topical agents. A toner can remove any last traces of debris and balance skin pH, as well as improving the penetration of treatment creams and serums that follow its application.


The preventative action of anti-oxidants is well researched and documented.

As the outermost organ exposed directly to the environment, the skin needs help to protect against free radicals produced in response to UV and environmental damage. Anti-oxidants can mop up these free radicals, and thus are an important group of agents to prevent and reduce the severity of UV-induced skin damage and skin ageing. Vitamin C is a potent ingredient that can reduce inflammation, protect and brighten the skin, stimulate collagen production to diminsh fine lines, and help reduce the appearance of discolouration and dark spots.

Although there are now many available Vitamin C preparations, the effect is limited if they fail to penetrate the skin, and hence not all the concentrations and anti-oxidant effects are the same.


Corrective products restore a healthier and more youthful appearance. This category includes products formulated specifically for delicate areas such as eyes, and for the cosmetic improvement of conditions such as dry skin, redness and pigmentation.


Moisturisers should be formulated to help nourish the skin and to ensure an effective skin barrier. Hydrated skin is healthy, as long as it is part of an overall programme of skincare for your needs.


The importance of skin protection from UV radiation cannot be overemphasized, as human skin is very susceptible to UV damage.

UVA (Ageing) radiation is responsible for ageing damage to the skin, makes up 95% of UV radiation and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

UVB (burning) radiation is responsible for sunburn and can induce skin cancer.

Sunscreens can be chemical (organic) or mineral (physical), the main difference being that chemical products contain UV filtering ingredients. By contrast mineral UV creams contain protective ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and form a barrier on top of the skin. With skin allergies or sensitivities mineral sun creams may not irritate the skin as much.

Broad spectrum sunscreens (UVA and UVB protection) should be part of all skincare regimes, with modern formulations also providing infra-red and high energy visible light protection also. It is recommended you consider a standalone SPF product >30 daily, even during winter. New formulations allow easy application without white residue appearance.

Moisturisers should be formulated to help nourish the skin and to ensure an effective skin barrier. Hydrated skin is healthy, as long as it is part of an overall programme of skincare for your needs. An over-reliance on moisturiser alone, can actually lead to duller skin, as the natural cell communication in the skin is affected, which in turn can interfere with natural hydration. Hence it is important to book a skin consultation to personalise your skincare plan.

Vitamin A is a group of compounds that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid. Vitamin A has multiple functions, but is a powerful treatment agent to renew and turn over skin cells. A successful anti-ageing skin management programme should definitely include a Vitamin A based product, along with an anti-oxidant and sunscreen.

Retinol is the commonest form of Vitamin A in skin products as it is better tolerated, and is a proven powerhouse when it comes to increasing cell renewal and boosting collagen production.

It is most effective for acne and sun damaged skin, but can be used by nearly everybody, as it benefits everything from the early signs of ageing to acne and skin texture. The benefits of using retinol outweigh the potential side effects such as skin sensitivity or irritation, but you should seek advice before starting a new product, based on your skin type and concentration of the retinol product, and gradually introduce this into your schedule at night.

Vitamin A in the forms of retinoic acid, tretinoin and isotretinoin are strong tissue stimulators and available only on prescription.

The key products which are medically active, and will influence your skin are:

· Vitamin C serum


· Retinol

Skin dermatology consultations are £50 per appointment. The consultation fee is redeemed against any products purchased.

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