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Dr. Robby Bajaj, Medical Director of London City Skin Clinic.

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We understand that you want to be the best version of yourself.

The ageing process can affect people in different ways, but the appearance and condition of your skin can determine how you look on the outside, and how you feel on the inside. So, to give you that confidence, you need to find a medical practitioner that’s right for you.

At London City Skin Clinic, you will be provided with a bespoke treatment plan tailored to meet your individual needs, and exclusively performed by an accredited Doctor in non-surgical aesthetics. These procedures are minimally invasive, which when skilfully applied, leads to a more natural, younger, healthier and refreshed appearance. This way you can truly embrace who you are, with confidence.

Treatments performed at the clinic are carefully selected and based on proven scientific principles. We aim to be completely transparent about what we can offer, as we want you to be totally comfortable with the treatments undertaken. You are guaranteed to see a medical Doctor, who will ensure your safety and wellbeing are a priority.

We are located in the accessible but discreet location in Central London, on Harley Street, near MaryleboneChelseaMayfair, Soho, Westminster, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, Hampstead, Paddington, Kensington, Camden & Notting Hill. We also have a clinic in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, also offering a unique service for discerning clients.

Dr. Robby Bajaj, Medical Director of London City Skin Clinic.

As well as a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Robby has built up a deserved reputation for providing highly skilled treatments with a personal touch.

Taking you through the consultation, treatment and follow up, he ensures you maintain a high level of care throughout the whole process.

This way you can feel at ease and comfortable with the procedures undertaken, whilst reducing any apprehension you may be feeling.

Why choose London City Skin Clinic?

If you are considering cosmetic treatments, we know you would want to look at your options carefully.

Not all clinics are the same, therefore it is essential you consider the services available, and contemplate where will deliver the best results for you.

We believe that London City Skin Clinic offers the exclusivity of a boutique skin clinic, providing a Doctor led service in a professional environment, ensuring you are treated as an individual.

This personal service makes us a great choice for returning clients, as we build a relationship to assist you on your aesthetic journey, but also a wonderful option for those who are considering cosmetic treatments for the first time.

Here are just a few of the reasons we are trusted and recommended:

Our Medical Director Dr Robby Bajaj has over 12 years experience in aesthetic medicine, having performed thousands of treatments and is highly respected in the field. Dr Robby is involved in teaching as an advanced trainer in medical aesthetics at Cosmetic Courses. This is on a background of over 20 years experience as a medical practitioner, where he also consults as a Private GP.
We only offer a dedicated Doctor led service , and offer highly personalised and attentive care, treatment plans and follow up. Knowledge, skill and delivery are essential elements of this, but understanding patients' concerns and exceeding expectations are also important to us. Rest assured that any follow up or advice is provided to you by the Doctor personally, and you will be given dedicated follow up support.
We only offer safe accredited treatments, and pride ourselves on our high standards of care. We continually seek to improve our services, and this is on a background of full training, expertise and professional development.
It is good medical practice to ensure you are well informed prior to undertaking any treatment. We offer an initial consultation with Dr Robby Bajaj, with options of video or in-person consultations. Video consultations for injectable treatments are complimentary, and in-person consultation fees are redeemable against products or treatment fees. During the consultation in-person, we will offer the opportunity to do full facial assessment and profile with photography to help you plan your treatment.
We have carefully chosen our location to be both accessible and discreet to people around London. We are located at No.10 Harley Street, a world famous address for the very best in healthcare, and located in the heart of Central London, near MaryleboneChelseaMayfair, Soho, Westminster, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, Hampstead, Paddington, Kensington, Camden & Notting Hill. We also have a clinic location in the exclusive area of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire for our clients in the home counties.

Contact us today for a friendly and honest opinion regarding your suitability for treatment.