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"Your skin is going to represent you for a long time"

Your skin’s appearance can have a powerful impact on your emotional wellbeing, as poor skin tone, fine lines and blemishes can all dramatically affect your self-confidence.

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Treatment Overview

If you can relate to this, then at London City Skin Clinic, we are on hand to help with bespoke skin revitalising treatments tailored to your needs.

In our range of dermal filler products, we have unique hyaluronic acid fillers , designed to be injected over larger areas of the face, neck and backs of hands.

These skin boosters instantly boost the skin’s hydration and restores lost volume from within, acting as a reservoir for hydration, in a way that creams and moisturisers simply cannot.

It improves skin elasticity leaving it looking smoother and firmer, while helping to restore the signs of ageing and photo-damage.

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Dr. Robby Bajaj is on hand to offer you guidance on skin improvement, from how to improve your skin texture and tone, to injectable treatments with Botox or dermal fillers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Skin revitalisation helps to rehydrate the skin by injecting tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid(HA). This small HA molecule, when injected into the skin, binds water and hydrates from the inside. This is the booster effect, and you can have a skin revitalisation treatment on your face, neck, decolletage and the backs of your hands.

Introducing hyaluronic acid to the skin in tiny amounts can create a fresh, natural and more youthful appearance. The treatment promotes the production of healthy skin by improving hydration retention in underlying skin tissues.

Skin revitalisation boosts the skin's hydration and elasticity, leaving it smoother and feeling firmer.

A series of treatments is needed to achieve the best results. We recommend a course of 3 sessions 4 weeks apart.

At London City Skin Clinic, we use Juvederm Volite and Restylane products including Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light injector pen for skin boosting. These formulas are lights and can be used on sensitive troublesome areas. They have been designed for use on more delicate skin, particularly around the eyes, lips, neck and decolletage.

A newer product called Profhilo is also commonly used in our clinic. This is a unique product that has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid available, and has been proven to hydrate (think of injectable runny honey!) and stimulate collagen and elastin production, to improve the appearance of ageing skin. This is more than a skin booster but not quite a dermal filler lifting effect - a favourite among clients and journalists in the beauty industry.

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