Forehead Lines


Forehead lines are the horizontal lines you see across the forehead, formed due to the activity of the forehead muscle (frontalis muscle)

As the eyebrows are raised, this muscle contracts to cause wrinkles above the brow. These lines gradually appear when the skin starts to lose its elasticity, but a variety of factors can make these wrinkles worse, including genetics, age, and smoking. Individuals present with different depths of these lines, but they can be treated effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

At London City Skin Clinic, forehead lines can be treated effectively and quickly, using application of Botox injections. Botox will relax the forehead muscle, leading to smoothing of the skin on the face giving a more relaxed and youthful look.

We would not recommend you treat the forehead muscle and forehead lines in isolation, as the muscles that lift the eyebrows have to be balanced with the frown muscles causing the opposite motion. Treatment of the forehead and frown areas together, are therefore recommended to achieve a balanced appearance and to avoid ‘heavy brows.’

When treated by an experienced medical professional, the effect is that the lines are significantly reduced or will disappear completely. The effect is temporary but you can expect results to last 3 to 4 months before further treatment is recommended. If your skin is more mature with deeper lines, or the intention is to get more ‘brow lift’, the dose of Botox in the forehead may need to be reduced, to allow some movement of the forehead muscle. Achieving this balance is an art, hence you should seek the opinion of an experienced medical practitioner.

Usually, people consider Botox from their 30’s, when deeper lines are being established. However, this area has best results when treated and maintained before the lines get too deep. At London City Skin Clinic, we personalise your treatment based on individual needs and preferences.

Our prices start at £295 to treat both the forehead and frown areas together, which is recommended. This is regarded as 2 zones of the face for Botox treatment.

This will always be with an experienced Medical Doctor who understands facial anatomy, and can balance the art and science of Botox treatment.

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