London City Skin Clinic offers Doctor led non-surgical aesthetic treatments near Knightsbridge.

As an experienced cosmetic doctor, Dr. Robby Bajaj delivers tailored non-surgical aesthetic treatments from his skin clinic near Knightsbridge. Over his 14 years in medical aesthetics, he has carried out thousands of cosmetic procedures and gained numerous credentials that qualify him to provide only the highest level of care and treatment on the market. .

London City Skin Clinic was founded on the basis of treating individuals. Whether your treatment plan covers Dermal Fillers, Profhilo or Botox, your aesthetic journey will begin with a consultation to develop assurance, support and the most suitable path for your skin.


"My focus is to actively listen to an individual’s concerns, and offer a detailed assessment and treatment plan, with a focus on quality and service."
- Dr. Robby Bajaj

Fall back in love with your skin at London City Skin Clinic with our selection of deluxe treatments and products.

Dr. Robby Bajaj provides subtle yet dynamic cosmetic treatments near Knightsbridge.

Our Treatments

Dr. Robby Bajaj is renowned for creating a natural appearance by combining your innate beauty with modern technique to bring out the best in your skin. Whether you wish to enhance, sculpt or revitalise your appearance, you can rest assured that you will receive experienced, individualised care with safe and modern non-surgical treatments. Groundbreaking advancements in medical grade skin care are available for you to discuss, from natural lifts in facial structure to modern anti-wrinkle injections that prevent and reverse the signs of ageing.


Botox is the revolutionary anti-wrinkle treatment that safely restores your youthful glow. Used for both medical and aesthetic purposes, this doctor-prescribed skin enhancer can achieve your desired look in only 14 days. To even out skin tone and prevent the signs of ageing, Dr. Robby carries out swift, safe and effective Botox treatments near Knightsbridge.


Profhilo is the first aesthetic treatment that has been clinically proven to biologically remodel sagging, crepey skin. In as little as 8 weeks, this procedure stimulates, hydrates and transforms your features with long-lasting results and without the need for surgical fillers.

Dermal Fillers

Transform your face withDermal Fillers - the non-invasive treatment that softens, fills and evens out skin tone through targeted injections of Hyaluronic acid. Whether you wish to correct fine lines, replace lost volume in facial structure or boost hydration levels in your skin, book a consultation appointment at our leading non-surgical aesthetics clinic in Knightsbridge.

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