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The appeal of a smile has to do with both aesthetics and perception.

A gummy smile is when too much gum tissue shows above the top teeth. Around 15% of people suffer from a gummy smile. In a perfect smile, the lip should sit just above the top of the teeth, but some people have problems with a disproportionate amount of gum tissue showing, leaving them self-conscious about their smile and finding ways to conceal their gums and teeth when smiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

An excessive display of gum tissue in your upper jaw can result from the abnormal eruption of your teeth. Sometimes teeth that are covered by excessive gum tissue can appear shorter even though they may be of usual size.

In most cases, the muscles that control the movement of your upper lip could be overactive, causing your upper lip to rise up higher than normal. When this occurs, more of your gum tissue is exposed when you smile. A short upper lip can also have this revealing effect that results in a smile overtaken by gum tissue.

At London City Skin Clinic, a gummy smile is treated with the use of Botox injections, which when injected into the muscle that runs along the side of the nose and finishes in the skin of the lip, relaxes and lowers the upper lip. This means less gum is displayed, and leaves the upper lip sitting closer to its optimal position, leading to a much-improved smile.

Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance the lips if they are thin or need definition, to further rejuvenate the mouth area.

The Botox treatment usually takes up to 7 days to start working. The effects can last up to 4 months depending on the strength of your muscles and your individual response to the product.

Like all medicines, Botox can cause side effects but any reactions are generally minimal and temporary. You may find that there can be some slight discomfort as the needle enters the skin and you may have some bruising or bleeding where the needle has been placed.

Very rarely, Botox may result in muscle weakness. All other rare, although possible side effects can be found within the patient information leaflet which comes with the product. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give this to you.

After Botox we advise you to avoid the following for up to 2 weeks:

· Beauty treatments (such as facials, facial massages etc)

· Saunas (and other extreme temperatures)

· If you are concerned or feel you are having a reaction please do not hesitate to contact us

Our price for gummy smile correction as a standalone treatment is £205. If you are having other Botox areas treated, this can be considered to be an additional zone.

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