The Demand For Male Cosmetic Treatments, Botox for Men?

A new trend is starting to emerge in cosmetic procedures and it is not limited to women. The trend is that more men are now receiving Botox® treatments coined Brotox by the media.

Yes, that’s right  it is not just for women!

It is no secret that men and women care about their personal appearance. From noticing lines to deeper wrinkles and furrows, the early signs of ageing can make anyone feel less attractive. Botox® has been the more affordable, non-surgical option for those who want to appear younger.

Just some of the reasons that male demand is increasing include:

  • Men feel more competitive in the workforce. Men often put a lot of emphasis on their careers, and competition requires them to constantly want to stay on top. By receiving Botox treatments, men feel and look younger. This provides them with more confidence in the workplace.
  • Men feel more attractive and confident. Just like women, men rely on their attractiveness to fuel their self-confidence.
  • Botox® was not just created for women. While the target market a few years ago seemed to focus on women, Botox® was not created for one gender. Anyone can receive Botox® and today, more men are coming forward to experience the benefits of the treatment.

Just as in Women, skin loses its elasticity, sags, wrinkles and becomes dull and tired. The treatments therefore are also applicable for Men also.

  • Non-surgical procedure. Botox® reduces wrinkles and early signs of ageing with a simple non-surgical injectable treatment. The procedure is non-invasive, which most people seek when looking for cosmetic procedures.
  • Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can be treated with Botox® injections by stopping the chemical signals to the sweat glands. An embarrassing problem can easily be reduced with a medicinal product such as Botox®, which has received FDA license for this treatment.

London City Skin Clinic is here for both men and women who want to look younger and feel their best. Our Botox® FOR MEN treatments are tailored to suit the individual’s desires and needs.

We treat an increasing proportion of Men, and have a wealth of experience in Botox® and dermal fillers.

There are certain areas that a skilled injector knows will be less desirable amongst men, and need to be injected in a different way. This is why it is important to seek information and treatment from an experienced Medical Doctor you can trust, to get the result you want.

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