Lower Face Botox


Ageing brings advantages – wisdom, a sense of perspective, long-lasting and valued relationships, as well as professional success. But there are downsides to growing older. Apart from hair colour, few areas of the body change as dramatically with age as the lower face, hence the option of lower face Botox.

A face lift has always been the classic approach to lower face ageing, but for many men and women, a less invasive approach is welcome, either because they fear the artificial pulling effect of a ‘lift’ or because they prefer to have less invasive treatments that fit easily into their normal lifestyle.

In these cases, the use of Botox by an experienced Medical Doctor can radically improve the appearance of lower face contours and skin. There are SIX key areas where lower face Botox can be used to rejuvenate:

Smoker’s lines

These vertical lines are etched into the upper lip and can be called smokers or lipstick lines. The loss of skin elasticity and continued muscle activity around the mouth cause this pleating which can also make the lips look thinner. Small amounts of Botox help relax these lines and can make the skin look more smooth.

Marionette lines

Deep, nearly vertical lines that extend from the outer corners of the mouth to the chin are called marionette lines after the vertically hinging jaw of a puppet. Loss of skin elasticity and movement of fat under the skin with age, makes these lines dramatically obvious and can also seem to pull down the mouth, giving an unhappy appearance. As vertical lines always draw our attention downwards, these lines actually focus attention on the problem area. Carefully placed injections of Botox in the lower face can balance the upper and lower face, softening the aspect of the mouth to chin area and drawing attention back up to the eyes.

Jaw Reduction

Either a strong muscular jawline from genetics to excess chewing/clenching, or ageing effects of bone and skin volume changes, can lead to a square jaw effect. This can be treated with Botox into the masseter muscle to soften the angle of the jaw and give a more defined shape to the face, but also a more youthful appearance in both men and women.

Nefertiti Lift

This procedure addresses the lower face, chin, neck and jawline areas creating a non surgical lifting effect.

The Nefertiti Lift is a new procedure which redefines the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a youthful, tighter, more contoured appearance without surgery. There is a balance of the neck and jaw to provide a more youthful and contoured appearance. Careful injection of Botox along the lower jaw line and upper neck subtly changes the jaw definition by lifting the neck and jaw area to give a more harmonious line.

Chin – dimples or “orange peel” effect

Muscle contraction causing tightening and dimpling of the skin around the front chin area is very common in older people and can give an effect that is highly textured. This ‘crêping’ effect can easily be disseminated with minuscule amounts of Botox which erase the dimpling as the muscle is relaxed.

Neck lines

The neck area alone can be treated with Botox to eliminate neck bands or ‘rings’. This can be beneficial for the balance between the upper face and lower face, and give the overall treatment effect a better look.

Lower face Botox treatments should be done after careful assessment, and with an accredited Doctor who has experience of understanding the anatomy and treating this area.

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