How to Get Rid of Lines Around the Mouth

How to Get Rid of Lines Around the Mouth

What are lip lines? 

Lip lines (also known as smokers lines) are vertical lines that extend from the lip border to the nose, but they can also affect the bottom lip. They are more noticeable in women and grow in prominence as you age.

At London City Skin Clinic, we often treat the whole area around the mouth including lip lines, so we know how to reduce their appearance and prevent them from becoming a distraction.

What causes vertical lip lines?

Vertical lip lines are caused by repeated facial expressions, thinning of the lips, and changes to the skin around the mouth as you age.

Over time, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin, essential proteins that keep the skin supported, hydrated and healthy. As they break down, lip lines can form due to the lack of flexibility or support in your facial tissue.

Lip lines can be brought on prematurely by various causes like:

  • Smoking: Repeated lip pursing movements and natural damage to collagen that cigarette toxins cause
  • Overexposure to UV rays/pollution: UV radiation causes cellular damage to skin leading to premature lines and wrinkle formation
  • Genetic factors: Some people have a genetic predisposition to premature ageing

How to prevent lip lines

The only way to prevent vertical lip lines is to maintain good habits early, and by keeping your skin healthy, you can lessen their severity. To keep your skin youthful and aid its collagen and elastin production, you should practise the following advice in your skincare routine:

  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drink the recommended volume of water daily of at least 1.5L-2L
  • Apply anti-oxidant Vit C serums, SPF and topical moisturiser every day
  • Take care of your lip health
  • Prioritise sleep and stress management to help premature ageing

When to treat lip lines

The most effective way to treat vertical lip lines is to seek professional treatment early. Once they have become deep, it can be difficult to smooth them out, or get rid of them completely.

By seeking early treatment from a professional aesthetic doctor, you can ensure the area is attended to, before the lines get too deep.

If you are concerned about the formation of lip lines, you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Dr Robby Bajaj is an accredited doctor in non-surgical aesthetics and will provide you with a tailored plan to reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines.

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How to treat lip lines

How to treat lip lines


Botox can be used to treat vertical lip lines.

Small doses can relax the muscles around your mouth, reducing repetitive actions that lead to deep line formation. This can soften lines once they have formed, but is best used early or in combination with other treatment modalities for best results.

Dermal Fillers

One of the first treatments we will suggest for vertical lip lines is the application of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment can easily treat lip lines and support the area around the mouth.

By using micro-droplets of soft dermal fillers, aesthetic doctors can gently fill the lip lines and provide vital structure to the lip area. They will work alongside your body’s natural production of elastin and collagen to soften and hydrate the tissues that make up the foundation of healthy skin.

If appropriate, your doctor may suggest HA dermal filler injections in the lip border to provide shape and support for the lips.


Polynucleotides are ultra purified fractions of DNA derived from salmon or trout, that when injected, stimulate new collagen production and can retexturise skin, leading to a rejuvenated hydrated appearance. These can be pure polynucleotides, or even combined with hyaluronic acid to help boost hydration in more aged mature skin.

Does lip line treatment hurt?

Some people may find treatment mildly uncomfortable as we use a fine needle to administer. If necessary, your doctor will apply a topical numbing cream/ice to improve your comfort throughout the procedure.

How long will treatment last?

This will depend on whether you have been prescribed Botox, dermal filler or Polynucleotide treatment

Soft dermal filler treatment lasts anywhere from 6-12 months, and Botox treatment lasts 3-4 months depending on various factors. We suggest booking a proper treatment assessment with a practitioner where they will be able to create a full treatment plan based on your concerns, and give you advice on when to return for a booster treatment. Polynucleotides are a regenerative treatment, so require a course of 2-3 to stimulate the process, and a 6 monthly maintenance.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of treating lip lines will depend on the number of injections required to meet your desired result, and whether you are seeking treatment in isolation or as part of other rejuvenation procedures.

However, treatments typically start at:

  • Botox: From £205
  • Dermal Fillers: From £275
  • Polynucleotides: From £300

If you’re seeking the revolutionary effects of non-surgical aesthetics to prevent or treat vertical lip lines/smokers lines, then London City Skin Clinic can create a personalised treatment plan for you.

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