Things to Consider before deciding to have Lip Dermal Fillers

If you are not able to achieve that pout you always wanted or want to just feel more confident with your lips, you may be considering lip enhancement treatment. Although this is non-surgical and a very safe procedure, it would be wise to not simply book to have the treatment without taking into consideration the following points regarding lip fillers.

Lip Dermal Fillers are not permanent

As lip enhancement treatment in the form of dermal fillers is only temporary, you may benefit from repeat treatment every 6 to 12 months. This is because fillers main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and this is broken down by the body naturally over the course of time.

After the effects of this treatment reduce, your lips will simply look the same as they did before you had the fillers. There is therefore no permanent change at all in terms of either the size or shape of your lips.

Lip Enhancement Treatment Should Only Be Administered By An Experienced And Qualified Practitioner

Lip fillers are different from Botox, in that they can be given without the need for a prescription. This essentially means the treatment can be given by virtually anyone, regardless of whether they are adequately qualified or experienced.

Therefore, you need to be additionally careful to ensure that the individual carrying out your lip filler procedure is fully qualified and experienced. At London City Skin Clinic, you can be rest assured that all of our team have the necessary and reputable qualifications and experience.

The Treatment Should Produce Natural Results

In the past, lip enhancements were very easy to spot, thanks to the trout pout look. Nowadays though, lip dermal fillers have evolved and improved to produce incredibly natural results. This should always be the main goal of the treatment – to get the most natural results possible.

Slight Swelling And Bruising Are Common Side Effects

After you have had lip enhancement treatment, you may have swelling and mild bruising for a few days. The extent of these side effects differs from person to person. The bruising can be easily covered with make-up, whilst you can reduce the swelling by applying ice packs to the affected areas.

Another preventative way to reduce bruising and swelling is by avoiding exercising and abstaining from drinking alcohol at all on the day you are having the treatment.

There Is No One Size For All Lip Filler Procedure

Most reputable and experienced lip enhancement practitioners will not have a specific approach or set amount of filler for this procedure; each case is unique. During your consultation appointment, the specialist will talk with you about the area of your lips you would rather focus on. They will also give their expert opinion and suggestions as to how you could naturally enhance these parts.

They will also give you a recommendation on the shape and size of your lips that will look best with your face, ensuring your lips’ natural proportions are not altered.

There Are Very Few Side Effects

As hyaluronic acid (the ingredient used in lip fillers), occurs naturally in our bodies, there is little chance of allergic reactions. Inadequately qualified and experienced practitioners who administer the treatment can increase the chances of lip numbness, uneven or oversized lips, bumps and lumps.

It is worth reiterating that in order to avoid the chance of these rare problems arising, that you need to ensure the individual administering your treatments is sufficiently qualified and experienced.

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