Injectable Fillers: A Safe Guide

Injectable Fillers: A Safe Guide

Injectable fillers are one of the most popular treatments used to enhance facial features and are known to improve the texture of skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and even create youthful, beautified lips.

London City Skin Clinic is passionate about the positive impact injectable fillers can have on beauty and self esteem as well as recognising the associated risks with aesthetic treatment. We want you to experience the full benefits of your procedure in the safest hands possible, which is why we’ve created this safe guide on injectable fillers.

How can dermal fillers enhance my appearance?

As your skin ages, it loses the natural structure that shapes it.

Dermal Fillers are the perfect way of restoring lost volume to your face, but the benefits don’t stop there:

  1. Enhances natural contour to cheeks, temples, jawline, nose and chin
  2. Immediately restores facial volume
  3. Softens and corrects lines and wrinkles
  4. Defines and amplifies the appearance of lips
  5. Rejuvenates hollow and tired eyes
  6. Restores volume in hands
  7. Improves tone and texture of skin
  8. Adds hydration

What are fillers made of?

The most commonly used facial fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the skin and other tissues. Hyaluronic acid binds water in the skin giving it important hydrating functions in the body.

Hyaluronic acid has been used in medical procedures for many years. When injected, it safely breaks down into the body for natural, subtle and effective results.

Lip fillers

What filler do I need?

There are many types of filler that are suited to different procedures and produce different results. Whether you desire fuller lips, voluminous cheekbones or reduction in the appearance of line and wrinkles, the treatment you desire will differ.

Facial contouring and profile

Facial contouring aims to restore volume in your face as a whole by taking the time to understand your facial profile. By appreciating the full face, facial contouring creates natural structure that reverses the signs of ageing.

Line and wrinkle reduction

Line and wrinkle reduction reduces the appearance of ageing caused by both environmental and genetic factors such as changes to skin, bone and volume. Injectable fillers such as Juvederm dermal fillers can be used to slow down the development of lines and wrinkles, after the cause of ageing has been identified.

Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement treatments are restorative and can be used to increase fullness, create a more defined cupid’s bow and accentuate the natural lip line. As you age, your lips can become thinner and lose definition but lip augmentation can redefine their youthful appearance.

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular filler treatments.

Non-surgical facelift

Volume loss in the cheekbones and around the eyes is a natural part of ageing but can create dark shadows and sagging. Non-surgical facelifts lift your features and are a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures such as liquid facelifts.

Skin revitalisation/skin boosters

This revitalising treatment is tailored to your needs and designed to be injected over larger areas of the face. Skin boosters restore your face’s lost volume from within to leave your skin looking firmer, smoother and hydrated.

Skin revitalisation

Choosing a professional

Dermal filler treatments are unregulated and can therefore be administered by anyone, which is why it is vital to seek a fully trained medical professional for your procedure. This will prevent any unwanted complications and ensure that all products used are safe and of the highest quality.

Before you book a consultation, make sure you ask:

  1. To see your practitioners qualifications and experience
  2. Which product they plan to use and where it’s made
  3. If there are any side effects to the treatment
  4. If you are covered if anything goes wrong with your treatment

Dr Robby Bajaj has over 20 years experience providing highly skilled treatments that begin with a consultation to establish your needs. As a fully registered member of the General Medical Council, he puts the health, safety and wellbeing of every patient at the heart of each procedure.

What to watch out for

If you choose a fully qualified practitioner then you shouldn’t experience any adverse reactions to your treatment. However, it is still important to watch out for any side effects that may occur.

These include:

  1. Lumpy appearance under the skin as this could be evidence of infection or unexpected allergy
  2. The filler moving away from the treated area
  3. Clogged blood vessels in the treated area

If you choose a safe practitioner, these side effects should not occur.

What to expect during treatment

Your treatment will begin with a consultation, where you will discuss with your practitioner what you want the effects of your injectable filler to be, as well as determine whether filler is a safe option for you. Your practitioner will then be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

Injectable filler procedures can last from 30-90 minutes depending on the type of filler and number of injections you require.

Injectable fillers can be uncomfortable but are not usually painful. This is because most injectable fillers contain anaesthetic and are administered using non-invasive needles.

Dr Robby Bajaj aims to do everything he can to make your experience as comfortable as possible, and can apply numbing cream to treated areas wherever required.

Aftercare advice

The results of injectable fillers should appear within 2-3 weeks after the procedure as it takes some time for them to settle into your facial tissues. However, in most cases, you could return to work the very next day as the healing time is minimal.

For 24 hours after the treatment, you should avoid:

  • Engaging in exercise or any activity that could cause excessive sweating
  • Touching or rubbing treated areas
  • Consuming alcohol or large amounts of caffeine

Depending on the condition of your skin and your medical history, we may provide additional aftercare advice to help your injectable fillers settle naturally.

At London City Skin Clinic, your safety and wellbeing is a top priority which is why every treatment begins with a free consultation to discuss your needs and medical condition. We will also make sure that you are fully informed and comfortable with your chosen treatment before it goes ahead.

For more information on what is included in your treatment, take a look at our Skin Treatment Price List or Contact our Skin Clinic today.

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